30th November Celia Pym – Other People’s Clothes

celia pym worktable

Wednesday 30th November 3-5pm in MB1121 

The Creative Process Research Unit presents

A talk and workshop with Artist Celia Pym

“Traditionally intended to offer an invisible solution Celia Pym uses darning as a form of expression, [here] held up for all to see. Her work is concerned with care: how we support and help others, illustrated through fixing other people’s things.” (Katy Bevan, Selvedge, 2015)

cpru workshop detail

pink and oragne darn

green and orange darnPym makes darned garments, knitted and embroidered textiles and public textile events. She loves a heavy darn and the feel of really worn down wool; the evidence of use in holes and where they occur; working with other people’s problems and the tenderness that can come with repair. She works surfaces closely like a detective and loves the way a darn looks: “wobbly frayed edges against confident solid filled in spots.”

Pym has exhibited across the UK, France, Italy, Norway, Japan and USA. Most recently in Love the Yarn: Festival of Love with Lasmin Salmon (ActionSpace)(2015) Royal Festival Hall,

Southbank Center and What do I need to do to make it ok? (2015) Pump House Gallery, London.  Recent collaborations include 59 Sorties (2016), with Nouveau Musee National de Monaco and Parallel Practices Residency (Crafts Council/Kings Cultural Institute) (2014-2016) with Dr Richard Wingate exploring anatomy and mending in KCL’s Dissecting Room.

Hope's Sweater 1951 (detail) Celia Pym

Hope’s Sweater 1951 (detail) Celia Pym



Celia Pym studied Sculpture at Harvard University and Textiles at The Royal College of Art, London. She is a qualified nurse and teaches part time as a visiting lecturer in textiles at Royal College of Art and University for the Creative Arts, Farnham. She lives and works in London.

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