28th Feb: Unchained screening

The Creative Process Research Unit presents

A screening of final year BA Film student Alex Canovas Rivera’s acclaimed documentary feature Unchained

which recently premiered at the Wild and Scenic Film Festival 2017, Nevada City, California

Tuesday 28th February,  4.30pm-6.30pm in MB1121

This is the story of the peaceful and educational activism of Carol Buckley (Founder and CEO at Elephant Aid International) about elephants in captivity and how they are trained, forced to long working hours and living in a clearly improvable conditions. 

Unchained follows the work of Carol Buckley and her team, to enhance captive elephant welfare in Nepal, showing by gentle persuasion and example that there is a ‘better way’ to treat elephants in human captivity.
Carol’s is a phased, pragmatic approach to change attitudes; encouraging co-operation, not a confrontation between Nepalese elephant handlers (mahouts) and their ‘essential’ elephant assets, upon which the mahouts rely to sustain themselves in an environment bereft of options.
Unchained needs to be seen. Its message, that through pragmatism and persistence, there is hope that ‘captive’ elephants will gain improved respect and welfare.
Ultimately, there will be a transition away from abusive elephant training for ‘entertainment,’ burdening ‘tourists’ on their spines, to an ‘educated‘ tourist spectacle of herds of unchained ‘captive’ elephants to admire without intrusion; the elephants’ mahouts able to look on with pride, dignity and we hope at long last, a deeply felt mutual respect – a potential atonement indeed.

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