21st Feb: Floating Home screening

The Creative Process Research Unit and Film Maker in the Family present:

Film making as research: A series of documentaries unfolds the everyday life of immigrants from Taiwan, Hong Kong and China

and Q&A with the director Roter Su 4.30-6.30pm Tuesday 21st February in MB1121

Floating Home Series Ep.3_Screen shot

Director Roter Su will screen the documentary series he produced for his PhD in film making entitled:

Floating Home: A journey of Taiwanese Identity in the UK

The series follows his participants in his research and forms a detailed portrait of their everyday life.

Episode 1: Beyond the Frying Pan

Episode 2: The past, present and future

Episode 3: In between the two cultures

Episode 4: Travel of the Flavour

Episode 5: Little Taiwan

Episode 6: Crouch, hold and engage

Episode 7: A journey to an unknown stop


All welcome

Floating Home Series Ep.6_Screen shot  Floating Home Series Ep.5_Screen shot

supported by Film in FASS, CPRU and Film Maker in the Family

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